The Razer Kraken Pro – Gamers Best Friend

The Razer Kraken Pro - Gamers Best Friend

Votewillforcongress – In terms of design, Razer is a peripheral gaming company that always dares to try new and eccentric styles, and this is what you will get through the Razer Kraken Pro. The headphones with three color choices have a simple design but are very attractive with their colors. The play of colors and the two distinctive Razer logos on either side of the driver (the part of the headphones that make the sound) immediately grab people’s attention.

The entire Razer Kraken Pro headphone is made of plastic which unfortunately makes the Razer Kraken Pro feel a bit cheap. However, if you look closely, the finish is pretty neat. Although made of plastic, the Razer Kraken Pro still feels solid, especially if you stretch these headphones to place them on your head. There is no sense that these headphones will be damaged, and you do not have to feel too careful to use them. In build quality, the Razer Kraken Pro is pretty solid, but it will be cooler if you can mix other materials like aluminum to eliminate the impression that it is too plastic (toy). The use of plastic actually has its own advantage that it is lightweight. Compared to the SteelSeries V2 which weighs 680 grams, the Razer Kraken Pro has a much lighter weight at 293 grams. What we want is a headphone that is lightweight so that it is comfortable and does not overload the head, especially not during prolonged use.

Razer calls the Razer Kraken Pro the most comfortable headphone ever and it’s actually hard to prove. But I can say that the Kraken Pro is comfortable to use. The tabs of this headset are thick and soft, so they stick comfortably to the ear area. But alas, the diameter of the ear cushions is quite small, it feels very close to the ears and does not leave much space.

When using the Razer Kraken Pro for a 4-hour marathon, it feels comfortable, and there are a few moments where you almost do not feel like a headset at all. But after a few hours, open the headset to let in air and cool the ears for a few minutes. Razer Kraken Pro also has a course length that can be adjusted by pulling down the driver. In addition, the driver can be bent inwards so that it is more compact and does not take up much space if you want to drive.


The difference between the Razer Kraken Pro and the regular Kraken version is the availability of a microphone. The Razer Kraken Pro offers a microphone that you can pull out so that the microphone will not interfere when not in use and is not even visible. What I also like is that this microphone can be bent in any direction like bending a wire so that you can bend the microphone freely near your mouth. Microphone quality is pretty ordinary and works well. The SteelSeries Siberia V2 has a 2 dBV / Pa microphone sensitivity better than the Razer Kraken Pro, but in a quiet room it will not make much difference. The higher the sensitivity, the better, because even by muting the sound, the microphone can capture it.

The Razer Kraken Pro does not have integrated audio control, which means you have to lower or increase the volume via the computer or device you are using. For some people, this may be an important feature, but for me personally, a lightweight cable without a controller is a more practical choice.


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